Our Story

Sweet Cheat Family Photo

Hi, I'm Amanda. I'm a teacher, a wife, and a mom to four Tiny Toads, so life is pretty busy! I've always enjoyed baking, cooking, and sharing sweet treats with my family and friends as a way to unwind and spend time with my kids in the kitchen.

But after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my second pregnancy, and not enjoying the taste of popular sugar substitutes, I spent some time searching for a sugar alternative that I and my family enjoy. A friend introduced me to monk fruit and I spent a year experimenting with it, using it to replace sugar in drinks and eventually developing my own chocolate drink mixes and Spoonable Monk Fruit powder.

I started Sweet Cheat in an effort to help us all enjoy the sweet things in life without overloading on sugar. I love that my products have helped many others achieve this goal too.

Sweet Cheat is a family-owned business and we are still small, but growing, thanks to you. I love to hear how our customers have used my products to find some sweetness while living a more balanced lifestyle.

Sweet Cheat, all the taste, none of the regret!